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About the Author – Terry O'Gara BIO


Terry O'Gara is a writer, performer, music producer, and creative consultant based in the New York Metro area. Past projects include music, sound design and sonic branding production and direction for TV commercials, theme parks, electronic games and museum installations. In 1998 he co-founded Blister Media, the first music production house to cater to the unique needs of Silicon Alley's Interactive Media economy.

A self-described 'Third Culture Kid', Terry spent his childhood living abroad, often in developing countries (Peru and Saudi Arabia among them). As a result he has a tendency to seek artistic inspiration in the examination, appreciation and analysis of global culture.

The thematic device of 'Flipping' (or reversing) cultural and political assumptions, as well as collaging disparate genres, informs much of his work.

In addition to music, Terry’s multidisciplinary background also includes dance and performance art.

He has conducted modern dance classes for and performed to members of the National Dance Theater of Hungary; lent his character voice over talents to animated Chex Mix cereal and Guinness Stout commercials; performed in two experimental films directed by Benita Raphan; and was cast in another, the highly provocative "Me Meat We War" by notable Australian painter, performance artist and film maker Theresa Byrnes.

Along the way, his projects have won numerous awards –including a CLIO and a One Show Pencil, which Terry says he owes to being 'an American with alien eyes and ears'.

Terry received a BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where he also served for three years as the President of the Experimental Performing Arts Society. His training was further expanded by intensive training at Duke University's String School, North Carolina School of the Arts, Bennington College, classes at both the Martha Graham School and The Stella Adler Studio for Acting and personal instruction from Alvin Nikolai, Murray Louis, composer Sergio Cervetti and composer/songwriter/guitarist Richard Lloyd of the seminal punk band, Television.


A Message from the author of DEATH TO THE INFIDELS:

As the son of an American expat living abroad I spent part of my childhood living in Jeddah, returning to the Mideast as a teenager for summers in both Saudi Arabia and Algeria. While in Jeddah we lived in a house that sat squarely on the city border. In front of us we could see the city. To our side and rear, the expansive desert. On occasion Bedouin families would settle in the lot next to our home and their children often accepted me as a friend. While my American cousins played ‘Cowboys & Indians’ back in the states, my Bedouin playmates and I played a game they called ‘Death to the Infidels’. Eventually, my father caught on and scooped me aside with a whisper: ‘Hey, listen kid – We’re the infidels!’


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